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Tray packed products

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Tray packed products.
Available for Private Label.

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Artek, Mini-Artek,
Zagora, Cherny Prince

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Lagoda, Lagoda w. cocoa,

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Zagora, Zagora for tea,

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Bravo + (w or w/o
chocolate), Treffi w. chocolate

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Treffi, Treffi +,
Karuselka, Mamba

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Amurchiki (w. choco or
white glaze), Mon Cher, Pani

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Eliseyev (Mushroom shape
cookies, various)

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Mon-amur (w. or w/o
Cherry flavor)

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Maria, Shokoboom,
Geletnoe-Zagora, prolonged shelf life

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Zoo-Park (w or w/o
glaze), Boom, prolonged shelf life