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DCFTA: what does it mean?

The Ukraine EU DCFTA is a comprehensive, broad and meaningful trade agreement which aims at reducing and eliminating the tariffs applied to each other’s products, liberalising access to services markets, and also at aligning Ukraine’s business related rules and regulations with those of the EU, with a view to ensuring that products can be traded freely between the two countries and Ukrainian companies, products, services and institutions treated equally with those of the EU. (Source: PDF).

What does it mean for Sweetbest Trading and it’s customers?
Very good news! Officially: based on the EU law D0295/14, cookies and wafers, falling under TARIC product code 19053119 (and additional code 011, 012, 16), are all exempt from EU import duty entirely, as of 01-01-2016, regardless of Meursing code.
In brief: prices EXW for cookies and wafers originating from Ukraine will not be taxed (=0% tax) at the EU border, besides of course for VAT in the destination country. It makes it possible to offer cookies and wafers in EU at competitive prices for the first time! It will therefore offer potential purchasers with new possibilities to increase their sales margin, since factories throughout Ukraine have already anticipated on this years ago and started manufacturing according to EU hygiene verified (e.g. HACCP) standards and other verifiable international certification, therefore making its products completely comparable to similar intra-EU produced products.

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